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The Police Department of Taipei County uses AVL product of S&T corp. for criminal investigation. This system will also be applied to the police vehicles monitoring system for the entire Taipei County.

Dispatching and Security system for The Police Department of Taipei County


Dispaching and Security system

for The Police Department of Taipei County


Vehicle Monitoring

Environmental Protection Administration has legalized the monitoring of vehicles that carry waste material. Currently there are 800 units have been installed. This application will also apply to the environmental protection companies in Taiwan that are used for monitoring “Street cleaning vehicles”.



Public Bus System

The solution is to manage the corporation by monitoring the vehicle operations through on-line GPS, GSM/GPRS communication system. To raise quality of operational performance, and make effective control for each schedule.



Cash Carrier Security

Vehicle/Guard monitoring + Anti-Thief

Shin Kong Security Corp., Lee Bao Security Corp., and Jin Sun Security Corp. have chosen the IntelliTrac X series product for “cash carrier” security, vehicle dispatching, and private-vehicle security, etc. 

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