Customer Design Service

Tailor-Made Total Solutions



            Our process starts with a critical step, Discovery during which we:

  • Build understanding of customers’ business, opportunities, pain points, and priorities
  • Review technical and financial objectives, decision criteria, processes, and other requirements



            Based on Discovery, we:

  • Articulate potential solution
  • Conduct feasibility study to ensure concept will work and deliver profitable results 



            During the Design phase, we convert the concept into a product:

  • Transform concept into marketable prototype
  • Design quality control and test plans 



            In Development, we verify that the solution

can work as planned:

  • Lab bench testing
  • Alpha field testing
  • Pre-production beta testing 



            During Deployment, we carefully introduce the new solution, ensuring that all key launch elements are correct:

  • Pilot launch
  • Market roll-out 
  • Certification, compliance, provisioning, billing and other launch components 



            We help protect our customers’ market position with:

  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Warranty management
  • RMA services
  • Marketing support
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