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Auto Vehicle Location

System Architecture




Provide GSM Cell Base Station data


Triangulation determine GSM Cell base Location


Web Server Tracking


Transportation Management: Server Base



Allow remotely track vehicles in specific areas and effectively restrict the activity area of vehicles. AMBO AVL supports maximum more than 50 sets of geo-fences with shapes like polygon, circular and rectangle zones. With the geo-fencing function, our AVL machine is expected to inspire more innovative applications in regard to vehicle and driver security.





hybrid positioning

  • High sensitivity module with -148 dBm acquisition sensitivity and -162 dBmtracking sensitivity.
  • AssistNow offline and Autonomous AGPS are available.
  • CellLocation (Cell ID) work also without GPS.
  • The position can be integrated as: AssistNow

                Autonomous ->AssistNow

                Offline -> CellLocation



Estimated Accuracy


AMBO Server

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